Cancer screening

The gynecological cancer diseases prevention screening examinations adviseable to do. These examinations not only for prevention rather observe of the early stadium malignant tumours. So we can recognize the tissues's cancer degeneration and start the treatment of the early stadium malignant tumour.

Gynecological cancer screening test generally known as cervix-cancer screening, with colcoscope and cytological examination, and if there is a suspicion it contains the HPV-screening test too. But the complex screening contains the bimanual examination, the diagnostic of the little-pelvis with ultrasound examination, and the breasts screening too. The diagnostic little-pelvis ultrasound contains the uterus size, structure and the mucosa thickness measuring, and we examine the ovaries size and structure too.

The gynecological screening must contains the breast touching and may be follow this the mammographical examination or breast ultrasound examination.

In the Medconnexus Medical Center we do the yearly complex cancer screening when we do the cervix-cancer colcoscope examination, cytological test and the bimanual examination, and the vagina secretum microscope examination, the diagnostic of the little-pelvis with ultrasound, the breast manual examination. If it's needed we do the HPV examination.




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