Climax, menopausa

Generally at the age of 47-48 the majority of women reach the "changing age" At the background of the menopause are the ovaries hormone production depletion and the hormone equilibrum upset, which cause the monthly bleeding's end and other various symptoms:

The menopausa is not an illness just it's symptoms give the illness feeling.

The osteoporosis (bonerarefy) causes in the women' last lifeperiod after the menopausa, mostly the elder women' about one third and one fifth back-, vertebral-, limbpains, spinal curvature, body heigh decrease, elder age limbbreakes, vertebra implosion, and limbneckbreaks.

Both syndrome, or illness can be prevented and treated. Nowadays we have medicaments' and other not hormone component treatments' wide range. Taking medicaments that contains natural hormones suggested to treat the "changing age" and prevent the osteoporosis and maybe decrease the elder age hearth and cerebral sclerosis, and the risk of the infarctus, and can be influence the climax's mood changings too.

The kernel of the osteoporosis prevention and treatment are the ostrogen (and the protective gestrogen) hormonetherapy for years, the daily calcium supplement and the practical lifestyle changing, increasing the physical activity, leave the smoking, decrease the coffee drinking. The hormonesupplement is used in wide range in our country. The treatment can be used only with special medical control




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