Human Papilloma Virus

The HPV - also known as Human Papilloma Virus - is the most frequent sexual disease. The HPV can spread many ways, but the genital HPV types - triggering serious cervix-cancer - are usually spread sexually.

The HPV is not one virus but a whole family of viruses with more than 130 identified types. They can be listed by their ability in causing a tumor to the hazard groups of low, medium and high.

A large number of Men and Women gets infected by HPV virus in their life, but the infection is sometimes only temporary and causes therefore no disease.

Only 5-10% of the infected people gets infected permanently.

One group of the infected patients get warts on their leg and hand or on their genitals. The other group of the infection triggers the precancerous state which can lead to malign tumors. The skin changes are usually easily to recognize and to remove, but their recurrence can be only prevented by thorough medical treatment.

While the cervix-cancer screenings - during the microscopy examination and the cytology examination - we often meet the suspicion of the HPV virus infection. In such cases it is advised to identify the HPV type in order to rate its ability in causing a malign tumor.

The HPV infection is in the most cases without any symptom, the virus can lurk for some days, months, or in some cases also for more years.

It is important to know, that the HPV infected patient can infect its partner even if it has no symptoms!

For the HPV- examination we use the same sample as for the general gynecological cancer screening examination, so the HPV examination causes no extra inconvenience.

Unfortunately there is no medicine for healing the HPV infection itself, but there is a possibility of vaccination against HPV in selected cases.




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