Laser therapy

What is it the soft laser?

The laser (LASER- Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) inducated rayemissio do lightboost. The laser light is monocromatic, so it have same wavelenght, same energy, parallel beam of rays. The lasers can be surgery lasers, which can be used for cutting, and there are soft lasers too, which cannot be used for cutting, but have many other good effects.

In our dermatological consultation we use dioda-laser and soft-laser too.

We can effectively treat, remove the "broomvein" and the "spider's web vein" with the help of diodalaser, by the way to close the vein which feed the above-mentioned changes with a some minutes long painless interference. Also better treated the other vein-changes for example birth-marks and fire-marks. The fire-marks most be treated more times, and before the treatment we use local anesthesia.

The soft lasers have woundhealing stimulating, painkiller and inflammation reducing effect. The damaged cellmaterialchanging processes are re-established by the laserray. With using the laser many illness healing process can be speed-up, the pain can be reducible and killed.

When advised to use the soft laser?

The dermatology's and the cosmetology's section the soft lasers are mostly used with other therapy tools, or to expand them. Often used for reduce the neuralgia comes after shingles (postherpeses neuropathia), the herpes simplex (mouth herpes or herpes bubble in other part of the body) procession speed-up, more tallow proceeding skin inflammation (woundorrhoea) and treat the pimply skin, shank- and other skinulcer, spotted balding. Warts caused by viruses, birth-mark, vein-expand, tumorprevention and malignus treatment with this method is prohibited!

The treatment

In the course of the soft laser treatment we emit the treated skin surfaces with the laserlights at acupunctural points. The treatment does not cause any pain. Periodic -depends on the changing character- the treatments can be repeated.




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