Hair falling

The examination of the reason
of the hair falling, treatment

Fall of hair shortly:

The hair falling or alopecia can cause serious psychical problems for men and women. Any internal illness can be in the background, so we must take the problem seriously, must look after and find the best treatment!

The intensity of the hair falling is subjective.

The headskin have 1-1,5 million hair, in normal state 95 percentage of them are growing and active. This growing phase is going until 1000 days. The other 5 percentage is in the sleeping phase. This phase is going until 100 days. These sleeping hairs will falling out! After the sleeping phase the hair is going to active phase and growing again. 50-80 hair falling out per day. More hair durable falling out is pathological. May be some states for example fever, after child-bearing when the sleeping phase hairs number is increasing and more hair fall out. But after this state the hair falling will be decreased.


The hair falling has many types, to determine these is very important because the reason is other and other according to the hair falling type. The most frequently type of the hair falling is the so-called androgen alopecia. The male hormons standing the background of this disease which are growing because of some diseases or maybe the hormon's level normal but, the hair goes more sensitive.

The hair falling have more other reason.

. Two main groups are: crusted balding and the not crusted balding. Some diseases cause not only the hair falling, but the skin crusting. This cause irreversible hair falling. Some hurt, burning, inflammation, autoimmun disease can cause this type of balding. The not crusted balding is can be spotting or diffuse. Both type can be caused by many other diseases so it must be look after!

The examination going:

First step we ask the patient everything about his diseases, earlier diseases, medicaments. Important the head's skin, the nails and other skin symptoms examination. Then we determine the type of the hair falling. Then we do after that the other examinations.

The most frequently incident is to do laboratory and plexus examinations. Some type of hair falling we ask the patient to count his/her falled out hairs for one week everyday. Then we make a trichogram, so-called hairdiagram.

The trichogram: used for determine the active state hairs, and the sleeping state hairs number. For this examination the patient need to be don't wash his/her hair for 5 days and not to use cosmetics. At the examination we do a hair combing probe, then we count the falled out hair. After that we get out 50 pieces of hair from other parts of the head. We examine these pieces under the microscope.




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