Superficial and deep peeling with glycolacid

Shortly review: nowadays the so-called AHA-contained products are wanted. The AHA is the Alpha-Hydorxy-Acid letterword. The Aha can be found in some fruits and foods for example: the apple-acid in the apple, the milkacid in the sourcream, the citric-acid in the citrus. The glicol-acid is in the sucrose. The glicol-acid's structure is the least so it's imbibition is the best from AHAs. The AHAs are causing good structural changes not only in the epidermis' horn but the deeper epidermis surfaces, and the underepidermis so-called hide or dermis.

In little concentration (10-15%) it can be used for the fishskin (ichtyosis), the pimply skin and other more horning illnesses healing. Higher concentration (50-70%) it cause the horny cells removing, the epidermis cells disjunction so it cause the skin can be superficial or deep peeled.

In the course of the chemical peeling we use this high concentration acid on your skin to erase the epidermis or dermis' upper layer.

After healing the new epidermis cells are growing so your skin will be flat and young. From the AHAs the glicolacid is the most effective and the most safety. Is good for every skintype, it's tolerable, and the epidermis peeling is better manageable by the doctor

When can we use the glycol-acid peeling?

The glycol-acid peeling is can use excellently and safety next many skin-processes, and skin-illnesses. These are the browny pigmentation and many women's illness so-called mole and pigmentations after inflammed processes. The scars after pimply skin , oldage pigment-marks, furrows, sunhurts, and the oldage skin's brownly, outstanding skinchangings the so-called woundorrhoeas ceratosis can be retrievable.




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