The evolution of skin's and nail's fungous infection

The evolution of skin's and nail's fungous infection: the dermatomicosis, the skin's fungous infection's evolution is helped by all inside and outside factors, what is overthrow the skin's and the mucosa's natural protectionfacility caused by structural, chemical and bacterial balance. It's helps the fungus increment and lifefacilities (for example warm, wet environment)

Fungous infection's diagnosis determination

By the typical clinical picture and anamnesis we can mostly stand up the diagnosis of the dermatomicosis with safety. Despite of this all micosis diagnosis must be confirmed with the fungus detection and identification. This is needed because the atipical cases' number is rising, when we know which fungus causes the illness we can choose the effective (and not cheap) treatment, and maybe modify the therapy if it's needed. The sampling from the treated skin's and mucosa's surface it does no good.

This way we must wait 2-4 weeks or some month what's waste of time. So it's important to get sample from the patient at first time from the infected surface before the treatment's begining.




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