Electric surgical interference

Shorly review
In the course of the treatment we use a high frequency, high voltage flux generative diatermic apparatus, which can be equipted with different size and format coagulation heads according to the mutation.

At the treated place will be 100-150 Celsius grade, what will fractures the mutation. According to the head's formation we can cut or we can fracture layer to layer. In the course of the procedure the touched vasculars will be coagulated too, so these won't be bleeding.

The treated skinplace must be look after as it's a burn trauma. After the burning must place a refoliation paste with bonding, what need to be changed daily in the patient's home till the burnt ore falling down.

When can we use the electrocoagulation treatment?
The electrocoagulation can be used for warts caused by viruses, genitales' growth caused by viruses,other goodwilling skingrowth (for example: fibroma pendulum, woundorrhoeas ceratozis, the eyelids yellowish changes- xanthelasma palpebrarum, some vascular origin changes- haemangiomas,spidernaevuses, etc.) removing.




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