Cancer screening

The all skinsurface's cancer screening

What is the skincancer?

The skincancer name is mean more, different clinical behaviour, character and cytological picture of badwilling skintumors. The skincancers' type determination is depends on the cancers start-up from which cellular. The most frequently skincancers are the basalioma starts-up from the skin's basalis (basic) cellularrow, the spinaloma starts-up from the skin's spinosus cellularrow and the melanoma starts-up from the pigment cells. In addition many other not cancer type badwilling skintumor being, and what is more these can be touch not only the skin but the mucosa too. Other tract's badwilling tumor can transcripts in the skin. The skincancers are one part of the badwilling tumors' but the biggest part!

Why it's important to screen the skincancer?

Unfortunately the number of skincancer is rising not only in Hungary, but all over the world. Generally can say that in Hungary there are 80 basalioma, 10-15 spinalioma and 8-10 melanoma per 100.000 resident. The melanoma's number is duplicated 15-20 yearly.

In the background of the incident number's rising there are many factor, the first risk is the sunradiation next to the genetical strain, the skintype, the lifestyle, the occupation and the hobby. The set of basalioma and the spinalioma is caused by the sunradiation reached the skin all over your life, but at the melanoma's background is only the aggresive sunradiation hurts the skin until the childhood.

The skintumors are better than other tumors because these can see with naked eyes despite of the other tumors, so the illness can be diagnostised if the patient goes to the doctor in time. So the cancerscreening is important because of the above-mentioned things.

When goes the screening?

When we do the screening we examine all of your skinsurface and the mucosa. Every suspicious mutation, birth-mark will be examined better with a dermatoscope. If it's needed we get a sample from the mutation to cytological examination, or we advise the surgery cutting off. The patient's datas and the noticed mutations will be recorded so at the next screening we can correlate to that the new datas.




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