Birth-mark treatment

The examination of the birth-mark, treatment, and consultation

What we must look after?

People usually have any birth-mark on their the skin. Some of theese are little brown not swelled, but some are brownly or skincolour swelled growth. Birth-marks have many types, but not all brown and swelled growth are birth-marks. When it's really a birth-mark we need to know that, what changes must be noticed, and when we need to go to the doctor for consultation.

See that:

If one of the above-mentioned changes are recognized, you need to go to a medical consultation!

The examination of the birth-mark

We examine the birth-marks with an instrument called dermatoscope, with this we can see the soft structrure of the birth-mark, which isn't visible to the naked eyes, and it's colour and formation is can be examined better. We can get the punctual size too. When we do the dermatoscopy we place an instrument daubed with oil to your skin, what is not cause any pain or discomfort. Treatment: When we notice any changes in the course of examination with naked eyes and dermatoscope, than maybe reasonable the birth-mark's undercutting.

No other treatments are correct, none of them are profession. (For example: burning, laser removing, scaling) The other removing methods aren't give us puntcual cytological picture of the removed birth-mark, so we don't know what remained in the skin, and will be happened later! So the birth-mark's correct removing way is the surgical undercutting.




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