Porcelain crown

We need to say that the best crown is only can be good for it's function if the under placed tooth is healthy. So we need to do the treatment of the caries and root treatment and parodontium's disease. The aesthetic and durable tooth replacements' bests are the "porcelain crown" and "porcelain bridgemember"

But often called "porcelain crown" some metalcrown with porcelain cover-up. There are different crowns according to metalbody:
- metal-porcelain-crown
- titan-crown
- gold-crown

There are some metalless crowns, bridges:
- pure porcelain crown (it contains only porcelain)
- zirconium-oxide crown

Important at the planning of the tooth replacements to know any allergies. We advice you to make an allergy test before a tooth replacement because this way you can avoid any extra costs.

In the Medconnexus Medical Center Dermatology-Allergology consultation we can show you international dental allery tests to verify the allergen materials. With this informations the dentist and the dental technician can choose the best materials for your denture.

The metalceramics crown is the most allergy causing material, the titan is more fewer, and the gold, zirkonium-oxide and pure porcelain nearly never cause allergy symptoms.

The tooth replacements (crowns, bridges) pretreatment we use the most modern treatment apparatus and the direct tooth lighting high rev trubines, precision samples according to the patient's needs.

With Professional tooth technicians in the background we can make your tooth replacement quickly.

The metalcrown with porcelain cover-up's specialities that its ready quickly, and not so expensive. When we do a porcelain cover-up we can make the colour and format according to the original teeth to fit. (160,-Euro / crown or bridge member)

The titan and gold based crown making is the same as the metalceramies crowns and we can personalize that too with porcelain cover-up. Because of its higher prices we offer only if you have an allergy.

Gold based porcelain cover-up crown or bridge member's price: 250,-Euro
Titan based porcelain cover-up crown or bridge member's price: 180,-Euro

The pure porcelain (Jacket) crowns are the best aesthetic resolution, there are without any metal, but more damageable and lower lifetime. So we make only front side tooth only.

The zirconium-oxide using in a tooth replacement is a technical feature but its enough time in use to outgrowth the technological "child diseases". Maximum metalless tooth replacement, high stable, high bending strain, high precisition and aesthetics. When making we take a precision sample and with computer we make a virtual base. In Germany or Sweden a special laboratory make the zirconium-oxide base for us. Disadvantage is that its making need more time (about 2 weeks) and it is more expensive. 300,- Euro / crown or bridge member.




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