In the Medconnexus Medical center we use modern tooth-whitening procedures. We choose the best procedure to the correction of the patients' teeth discolour.

"Tooth-whitening with Laser"

With the Laser we can whitening so effective until a short interval many shades per tooth. In the procedure the Laser activate the special whitening material, next to the gums protection.

"Home" track tooth-whitening with using tooth-whitening gel

huThe tooth-whitening gel produce some agent what whitening (oxiding) the most of the discolour, but temporary can make tooth sensitive but don't make any damage. While using this way of tooth-whitening we first control the gum's health status, we change the old fillings and treat the caries then we make a sample of your teeth, and with this sample we make the personalized fitting toothtrack. The track what is made of slim and soft plastic and the wearing is comfortable, so you can sleep with it. The patients are mostly using the gel at night while sleeping.

Before During After

We can determine that how many night must be using the treatment to be successful. Mostly 3-8 nights enough. Sometimes you can choose the daily track. The tooth-whitening gel using procedure is a nicely method to whitening the discoloured teeth because it don't cause any damage of the tooth's structure.

"Clinical tooth-whitening"

huhu In the clinical tooth-whitening procedure we lighting the tooth-whitening material with a special wavelenght light emissing also known as polimerising lamp to activate it, then start the tooth-whitening chemical reaction. The gum's edge is protected with a protection product. Generally the procedure takes one hour.

"Inner tooth-whitening"

The discoloured root treated teeth separated whitening is exceedingly good method, while we place the material to the pulp's chamber what will be there for 3-5 days and being active, then we remove and close the pulp's chamber with filling.




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