Tooth's root treatment

In the Medconnexus Medical Center we can rescue your desperate teeth with the tooth's root treatment. In the tooth's root treatment we use the modern medical technics as the root channel sterilization with laser to reach the best results and the painless treatment. You aren't need to be fear that words "tooth root treatment" you must know what it is. We need to say that before the tooth's root treatment we use personally anaesthesia so we doing it without any pain.

The root is the tooth part, what it's in the mandible bones. In the root there is 1-1 channel maybe 2, in where the tooth's nerves and some vessels placed. The tooth's root treatment is needed if root channel's inflammation evolved.

Mostly the inflammation is evolve when the caries are so strong, and the channel is being infected.

Bacteria infection and tissue decomposition product is grown up when the inflammation evolved. May be go around the tissues at top of the tooth's root.

First we need to remove the pathogens and the tissue decomposition products from the root channel and close it hermetically.

First step we need to find the channels entry. Generally the nipper's have only one rootchannel, the upper first molar have two, the others have only one. The big molars have three or four root channel.

Naturally sometimes there are divergent numbers or braching root channels.

The X-Ray record often help the dentist's work when planning and execute the root treatment and then after at the controlls.

The rootchannel's cleaning little toothed pins, and grater when we remove the infected tooth material, and we scrape out the rootchannel.

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We leach and strelize the cleaned and scraped out root channel or we use laser to strelize, what kills the pathogens and decrease the pain comes later.

With permanently, maybe temporary fillings we closing the rootchannel to prevent the later infections.




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