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The treatment of the parodontium's diseases is very important because the teeth' holding device's health is so important for the further surgery actions for example filling, root treatment.

When speaking the parodontium's disease?

The most frequently diseases (parodontitis) are the teeth' holding device (bones, connective tissue, gum) inflamed disease. The plaque and the fur can evolve this disease because on this surface the special flora of bacteria can piling, or may caused by genetical gift. Between the tooth root and the gums inflammation pouch can grow up, what are going deeper whike the disease advancement and can cause the teeth' losing.

The disease of the parodontium in starting stadium often comes without symptoms, but preventive interests:

The disease advancement can be reached with alcohol drinking, smoking, stress and some metabolical disease.

May be the teeth losings most frequently reason is the parodontium's disease. The diagnosis can help with an X-Ray record or probe test of the pouchs. We have two different way of treatment the "casual" and the "combinated with laser" procedure

The parodontium's disease treatment with laser help:

Mostly we can clean the pouchs with using laser. Advantage is that the pathogens killed without any damage of the covering tissues. Because of this we can avoid the operation of the pouchs. The advancement of the laser-technology is can be used to clean the tooth rootchannels too..

Parodontium's disease treatment with casual method.

There are very strong and agressive parodontium diseases, what we need to do some operation. These can be open curetts and some type of bone replacements without any pain. The advancement and aggressive diseases' treatment can be more effective with the casual and the laser treatment combination. The most modern procedures are produce only durable results when the patient is often being controlled and pleased to do better oral hygiene at home!




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