Allergy against the dentures' components

Nowadays often come pacients with allergy against some kind of materials, who live with this problem for many years.

Who have dental allergy so allergy against the denture's components or another dental materials can recognize the following symptoms: false taste feeling, mouth dryness, returning inflammation.

The symptoms written above can be solved with doing allergy tests and then leaving the allergens from the treatment. We advice you to do allergy test before you want a denture or a crown because you can avoid this way the extra costs.

In the Medconnexus Medical Center Dermatology-Allergology consultation we can show you international dental allery tests to verify the allergen materials. With this informations the dentist and the dental technician can choose the best materials for your denture.

The metalceramics crown is the most allergy causing material, the titan is more fewer, and the gold, zirkonium-oxide and pure porcelain nearly never cause allergy symptoms.




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