Systematik Coronary Risk Evaluation

As in the States (USA) with world highlevel sanitary conditions realized examples, in the Medconnexus Medical Center we use the extended screening test and we can evaluate the risks of the heart and cardio-vascularis diseases. You can follow-up your risks year to year and decrease the risk factors with our advices.

The screening test's results worked up as the "European Cardiology Society" SCORE-system (Systematik Coronary Risk Evaluation) we take notice of your age, sex, smoking, serum colesterin level and blood pressure values, and we diagnose the risk of the heart and cardio-vascularis diseases in percentage what can be done within 10 years. So we can give you personal advice associated with your lifestyle, nutrition and sporting. We advice to do more examination if you are in the high risk group and we can advice preventive chemotherapies to help decrease the danger.




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