12-channels computer EKG

24 hours EKG (Holter)

Load EKG

In the Medconnexus Medical Center we use the market leading Swiss "SCHILLER" company's cardiology diagnostic equipments in the all day routine.

The 12-channels computer EKG examination let us to observe the heart in function, the stimulations, rhytm disturbances, evaulation and compare with the earlier results.

We can use a 24 hours EKG monitoring, when you wear a cellphone-keeping beltbag size apparatus during the examination, with electrodes placed on your chest registering the EKG curves through 24 hours. After this, we connect the apparatus to the computer, download the records and evaulate the weekday load's EKG divergences.
(Important, that do not shower or bath with the Holter apparatus!)

The heart examination's important factor is sometimes the load EKG-examination, because some divergences in rest can't find, only in physical load. During this action we can register the heart's activity, and find the divergences.




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